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Villa Dali by 123DV Architectuur & Consult

By • Aug 4, 2011 •  Selected Work 

Dutch studio 123DV Architectuur & Consult has completed the Villa Dali project in 2009.

This contemporary two-story residence is located in Vroondaal, near The Hague, The Netherlands.

The villa was designed to capture “the character of Dali, Jugendstill forms, Spanish facades and nautical life.”


Villa Dali by 123DV Architecture:

The ‘Villa Dali’ clients asked for a very personal house which would reflect their passions. They are nautical minded and have a love of art, sculptures and especially the work of Salvador Dali. During the initial design discussions 123DV architecture were also showed pictures of ancient Spanish architecture. They were fascinated by the closed white stucco facades and metal fences in Jugendstill design. So the challenge was to combine in one villa the beautiful Jugendstill forms, the closed facades, the treasures of the diving world and the unique works of the artist Dali.

For the design of the house 123DV architecture made use of the Paranoiac-critical method by Salvador Dali (creating optical illusions). The result is a cylindrical white stucco main building with a nautilus spiral structure inside; representing the world of diving. The closed facade facing the street represents the so called Spanish architecture with a blown up ‘Jugendstil’ pattern in the six meter wooden panel as the entrance. In the centre of the house there is a double story cylindrical space. The furniture has also been custom designed. Traces of Dali’s fluid watch art can be found in their design.”

Photos by: Christiaan de Bruijne
Source: ANP

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Wow, the house holds my attention even with that amazing car out front!

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