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Hotchkiss Residence by Scott Edwards Architects

Portland-based studio Scott Edwards Architecture has completed the Hotchkiss Residence in 2010.

Built by Hammer & Hand, this new contemporary 1,988 square foot home is located on the Columbia river in Vancouver, Washington.

Hotchkiss Residence by Scott Edwards Architects:

“The owners, a couple in their 70’s who have lived on the property for over 40 years, sought to rebuild their modular home which had outlived its lifespan. They desired a “simple living” space. The 1,988 SF, 1.5 bedroom home sits nestled on the banks of the Columbia River and responds to amazing views of the river and Mt. Hood beyond. The home, designed by Rick Berry, utilizes the Northwest vernacular, which emphasizes the wood structural system, shields the home from 9 months of rain, and captures winter sunlight.

The single slope roof originates over the bedroom and rises to its zenith above the living room. The roof also cantilevers over the southern facing deck, creating a space that is enjoyed and utilized year round by the owners. However, during the winter, sun light penetrates deep into the living room and passively heats the exposed concrete floors.

With a budget of $550k, the design is restrained by simplicity, emphases its structural system, compact for an aging client, and built to respond to the quick changing Northwest weather. The home linked by bridges to the owners daughters and sons homes, which sit adjacent, completes the family compound.”

Photos by: Peter Eckert
Sources: Contemporist, ArchDaily, Hammer & Hand

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