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V12K0102 30 Running Metre of House by Pasel.Künzel Architects

By Eric Meunier


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Rotterdam-based studio Pasel.Künzel Architects has recently completed the V12K0102 30 Running Metre of House project.

This 2,580 square foot contemporary residence is located in Leiden, a city and municipality in the Dutch province of South Holland in Netherlands.

V12K0102 30 Running Metre of House by Pasel.Künzel Architects:

“With their V12K0102 residence Pasel.Künzel Architects created a remarkable project on an almost triangular building plot, the remnant of an inner city housing block.

On a 30 metre long one-storey high base, two building volumes were placed on opposite side, one being the ‘children’s house’ and the other serving as the ‘house of the parents’. The two parts facing each other allow for visible eye contact, but are furthermore physically separated.

Collective spaces for living, dining and playing are situated on the ground floor, meandering around two intimate courtyards and establishing an immediate relation between ‘life inside and outside’, an oasis in the city.

Towards the city, the introvert house reveals his inner life by only two gigantic glass panes that also permit the characteristic Dutch light to reach deep into the museum like spaces.”

Photos courtesy of Pasel.Künzel Architects
Source: ANP

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