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Stunning Loft in a Former Flour Mill in Denver

By Eric Meunier


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One of the US’s premier loft projects, The Flour Mill Lofts in Denver, Colorado, opened doors in 1999.

Originally built in 1906 to store and process Colorado’s bumper wheat crops, the Pride of the Rockies Flour mill served for four decades before it was abandoned.

After thirty years looking over the lonely Platte Valley, the Landmark building was converted by veteran local developer Dana Crawford into luxury lofts centered between downtown Denver and the Platte River Parkway.

This beautiful 2,198 square foot two bedroom two bathroom loft sits on the fourth floor of the historical building.

Sold in 2008 for $337,500, the unit went back on the market in 2007 and sold for $719,300.

For the third time in a decade, in December 2009, the loft was listed again for a mere $1.2 million and was sold two years later for under $1 million.

Photos by: Teri Fotheringham
Source: DenverDee

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