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Black Beauty Luna Villa in Costa Rica by Kalia

By Eric Meunier


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The Black Beauty Luna Villa is a vacation home located in the Black Beauty Village in Ostional, a city well known for its National Wildlife Refuge in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Roca.

This 4,618 square foot, three bedroom, two and a half bathroom contemporary home developed by Kalia offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and and lush mountains.

Luna can be booked all year round from $650 to $800 per night, depending on the season, with a 20% discount on weekly stays.

Black Beauty Luna Villa in Costa Rica by Kalia:

“Situated on slightly sloped terrain, Luna discreetly blends with its surroundings. Every window, door, and room has abundant forest and ocean views. A lush exterior entry courtyard with terraces, ponds and waterfalls leads to Luna’s entrance way, which opens up into a large entertaining area that includes the kitchen, dining and living rooms.

The main living spaces flow naturally into the exterior dining, lounging and pool areas. A circulation spine consisting of half level landings connects the main floor with the luxurious master suite and guest rooms above. Incorporating all of our deluxe amenities, Luna’s split level design also continuously maintains an intimate relationship to the flora and fauna of the incredible Costa Rican forest.”

Photos courtesy of Kalia

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