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Sobrino House by A4estudio

By Eric Meunier


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Mendoza-based studio A4estudio has designed the Sobrino House project.

Completed in 2010, this 3,660 square foot contemporary residence is located in Mendoza, Argentina.

Sobrino House by A4estudio:

“Facing a complex project where the house is also a workplace, we proposed an organized level where all the living uses and human relations are possible: relax, shelter, contemplation and work.

In a topographic operation, all the family activities converges in a common volume that lands on the highest level of the ground and rises 2.5 m from the lowest part. This operation proposes the entry to the house underneath all these activities, stripping at this point the natural slope.

Square floor plan, perimeter activities program in relation to the best sunshine light and views, and the circulations related to a central patio that strips the natural slope of the site, structure an eccentric and dens spatiality, where the path ways became the heart of the house.

At the top of the house, a system of inverted beams and concrete tensors hold the corbels, exposing the structure as part of the identity of the house.

In this way, a family life in an elevated and intimate plan that supports different uses and senses is possible.”

Photos courtesy of A4estudio
Source: ArchDaily

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  1. Not too sure about the ‘greyness’ of the house. Gives it a portacabin look (if I can be so bold) – but the interior is pretty stunning.


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