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Downtown Apartment In Zagreb by Dva Arhitekta

Croatia-based studio Dva Arhitekta has completed the Downtown Apartment in Zagreb project.

The architects has merged two small apartments into a big one one as well as  completely redesigning the interior.

Downtown Apartment In Zagreb by Dva Arhitekta:

“Project interventions revives the flexibility of former plan solutions – three to four rooms facing the street facade. Double door set in the middle of the wall between the rooms is a key element of spatial organization of downtown housing. Once, rooms used to be salons and rooms for diverse daily activities, and today an open space plan allows a variuos number of activities to happen simultaneously.

In new spatial conception, the doors remain, but not only as a memory of old times, but as a functional and partition element separating and connecting at the same time different functional zones.

All other rooms are scaled to fit Zagreb Downtown home lifestyle: a lavish and representative entrance hall, very comfortable master bedroom and discreetly incorporated laundry room, dressing room and pantry.”

Photos by: Robert Leš
Source: ArchDaily

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