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EV House by Ze Arquitectura

Mexican studio ZE Arquitectura has designed the EV House project.

Completed in 2010, this three-story contemporary residence is located in San Luis Potosi city, Mexico.

EV House by Ze Arquitectura:

“The concept of the project starts locating a central backyard as the focal point of all interior spaces. On the first floor we located all public spaces such as vestibule, double height living & dining room, library, kitchen, family room and a wood workshop. On the second floor we have a second more private family room, 3 bedrooms (each one with their own walking closet and bathroom) and laundry. Finally on the 3rd floor we have a service room.

To create textures and cosiness we used hardwood and marble floors as well as marble stone details on several interior walls and chimney. On the facades we used marble stones and wood looking aluminum screens, all integrated by clean geometries and shapes.”

Photo courtesy of Ze Arquitectura

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