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The Desert Villa by Studio Aiko

Founded by Yair Alony and Meny Hilsenrad, Studio Aiko is a dynamic studio specializing in a wide variety of CG content and visual effects.

The Desert Villa is their first attempt to merge “the magical scenery of the desert with a modern architecture of a villa. [They] took the idea a step forward in a mysterious & humoristic way.”

Don’t be fooled, this dream home doesn’t exist, but the animation is absolutely awesome, especially with a headset on!

Photos courtesy of Studio Aiko
Via Home-Designing

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5 thoughts on “The Desert Villa by Studio Aiko”

  1. I don’t get it…where do you actually LIVE inside that thing? Where you cook, where you sleep, where you go if you get bored of the only room, where do you cook….and please, explain to me the function of a pool where you cannot SWIM because it’s 2×2 meters?

  2. it is not a concept. it was a competition for desert lodging in Israel. you have a bedroom bath and a small kitchen at the back. you’re not suppose to live there your whole life. it doesn’t matter the competition was lost.


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