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La Grande Vue 5A by SAOTA and OKHA

Cape Town-based studio SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects has designed La Grande Vue 5A residence in collaboration with interior design studio OKHA.

This free form sculptural design comprising two apartments is located in Cape Town, South Africa.

La Grande Vue 5A by SAOTA and OKHA:

“Carla & Stefan Antoni have created a dreamy sky-high home that captures the feel of the sea below by using levels to spectacular effect.

Their growing family is what forced the couple to demolish their bachelor pad and build a larger home. The result incorporates Stefan’s dual-level penthouse, including two en-suite bedrooms, a living area and a kitchen on the first level, a studio, third bedroom and garage on the lower level, and an apartment underneath. On the roof, is a swimming pool and terrace, as well as the magnificent SKY BAR containing a cocktail bar and entertainment area.

Stefan’s bold control of levels and layering has resulted in a visually sculptural interior. They wanted the feel of the apartment to be a contrast between laid-back comfort and slick sophistication. Crème-de-la-crème marble slabs were used for the floors and the woods were lime-washed to give them a ‘beachy’ feel. Accent colours were kept to greys and aquamarines.

Adam Court of OKHA Interiors created a range of furniture using the Antoni home as a canvas. “We wanted to create a relaxed but sophisticated look; one that was not only about individual pieces but about creating a totally new experience.

The result is a balance between the functional and the eye-catching, from white-leather sofas to ethnic pieces found on exotic travels. David Reade glass pieces sit alongside stacked cubic frames, together with cashmere throws and deep pile rugs.

“We wanted to break free from the mould, create a piece of poetry that plays on light, space and geometry, and balances the primal quality of raw surfaces with modern elements,” Stefan concludes.”

Photos courtesy of SAOTA

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