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Outside In House by Takeshi Hosaka Architects

By • Nov 30, 2011

Japanese studio Takeshi Hosaka Architects has designed the Outside In House project for a couple and their three children.

This 1,100 square foot single-story contemporary home sits on a 1,878 square foot lot located in Yamanashi, a prefecture of Japan located in the Chūbu region of the island of Honshū.

Outside In House by Takeshi Hosaka Architects:

“Situated adjacent to a number of farming fields and a wooded plot to the south, the house seeks to create a subtle gradation from outdoors to indoors, integrating the presence of nature into the living space.  

Largely undeveloped and lush, the site is home to a great collection of wildlife including pheasants, peafowl and the occasional raccoon dogs. The clients wished for a dwelling that would be porous to the sounds and elements of nature, softly dissolving the spatial boundary between the interior and exterior. The south facade features a collapsible transparent surface that can be completely opened to the woods beyond. Interspersedly planted with small trees and shrubs, the partially-sheltered garden space projects natural characteristics of the site into the compounds of the private dwelling.

Working to engage with the outdoors in a vertical motion as well as the horizontal, the design utilizes a sawtoothed roof form with strips of acrylic roof lights that secure views of the sky above.

The reinforced concrete v beams funnel natural sunlight into the interior, shifting the atmosphere of the house throughout the day. Conceived as a series of layers that gradually add more ‘indoor’ elements, the rectangular layout places the private programs such as the bathroom and bedrooms to the north and communal spaces to the south. Different materiality in surfaces softly establishes the changing levels of ‘outdoors’ throughout the residence.”

Photos by: Koji Fijii / Nacasa & Partners Inc.
Source: DesignBoom

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