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Straatweg Extension by BBVH Architecten

By Eric Meunier


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Rotterdam-based studio BBVH Architecten has sent us photos of the Straatweg Extension, an 8 foot addition across the full width of the rear of a traditional 1930’s brick house located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Straatweg Extension by BBVH Architecten:

“This housing extension, designed by Rotterdam based architecture studio BBVH Architecten, is located in Rotterdam. The house is built in a traditional 1930’s brick architecture with small windows and therefore rather dark living spaces. The clients wished to improve the house in such a way that it would give them more living quality. As architects we are often slowed down by the client, but in this case they demanded an even more spectacular design than first proposed. What started out as a conservatory has become a two story glass house. With a glass façade, a glass roof and a glass floor.

The house is extended with “just” 2.5 meters, but it gained lots of light and spatial quality. With the façade, floor and roof made of glass, the light now penetrates deep into the living room.

The 1st floor is made of reinforced layered glass on slender steel beams. This does not only allow the light to come in but it also creates a visual relationship between the living room and the study upstairs.

An especially developed, electronic controlled, 2.8 meter wide pivoting door gradually connects the living room to the terrace and garden. The terrace is situated on a new built basement to store the owners beer glass collection.

With this extension the house is fully adapted to the needs of the client.”

Photos by: Luuk Kramer

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  1. This is the house I live in. I am very proud at what we achieved, the architects of BBVH, Anouk, Eric and Joris, the builder Van Alphen Hoogvliet and our own creativity. The light is beautiful. The climate is better than before by the use of special coated glass. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


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