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La Fontaine Apartment by Esrawe Studio

By • Dec 1, 2011

Mexico-City-based design workshop Esrawe Studio has completed the La Fontaine Apartment project in 2010.

This 2,150 square-foot duplex apartment is located in Mexico City.

La Fontaine Apartment by Esrawe Studio:

“Our client’s requests were precise, he asked for personal and introspective space which allowed the possibility of constant experiences inside the apartment, in the common and private areas, as well as on the terraces and hallways.

The Project is being developed in a mixed-use zone with visual and sound saturation, additionally, our client’s professional activities, which generate a great amount of stress on a daily basis, required the integration of special characteristics into the apartment.

Our interior decorating and furnishing proposal consisted in generating points of continuity and recreation, one of the main concepts involved setting off a relationship with nature while preserving privacy, through contact with terraces and inner gardens, through reading, recreation and working areas, and spaces in which to get together with friends and family, all of this within a 200m2 apartment.

The color palette and textures of the materials are sober and neutral, allowing the full expression of the art, decoration, and vegetation.

The main space is divided by a central block intersected by a hallway which sections off the common and private areas, on one side of the block there is a green wall that is the heart or core of the entire space, as it is visible from almost every point in the apartment, on the other a continuous structure that integrates and serves different purposes.

This structure on the lower level acts as a monolith, and contains the pantry, service bedroom, guest bathroom, linen closet and the second bedroom’s bathroom. The upper level of the structure serves as the back of the library, the main bathroom, and doubles as a headboard for the main bedroom.

The open kitchen integrates into a two-story high ceiling and a bridge leading to the upper terrace.

The main bedroom blends into a private terrace, where the continuity of wood flooring through the screen doors lends a sense of unity to the space. The abundant vegetation surrounding the terrace creates a sense of intimacy.

The main bathroom is a black box, with ebony crystal marble on the floor, walls and paneling. It opens up on one side towards the hallway that connects the library and the main bedroom, and also to the front, facing the green wall, the heart of the project.

The main materials used are:

Hardwood, which covers most of the apartment’s surface, the doors and structure’s walls have an anthracite gray lacquer finish, marble in the main bathroom, and cantera (quarry) stone in the secondary bathrooms. The furniture has a mix of walnut wood tones with color lacquer.

Most of the built-in furniture was custom-designed, as well as a few special pieces for the main area.”

Photos by: Paúl Rivera

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