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Mormanis House by MPR Design Group

By Eric Meunier


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Sydney-based studio MPR Design Group has sent us photos of the Mormanis House project.

Completed in 2008, this three story contemporary home is located in Dover Heights, a coastal, eastern suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.


Mormanis House by MPR Design Group:

“Located in Dover Heights this sloping site has a panoramic outlook over the harbour and Sydney’s skyline beyond. Whilst enjoying these views the house still provides intimate spaces within.

We call this duality the “cave and prospect”. This notion has been achieved by the balance between transparency and solidity of the outer skin of the building. The views are captured through the extensive glazing at the rear while solid walls allow for privacy to the adjacent neighbours. Highlight windows and skylights allow for natural light to wash the interior spaces.

The internal plan has been developed as a sequence of interlocking spaces. Entering the building on the top level, visitors will be able to experience the spectacular views as they pass over the threshold into the house. You then continue the journey by walking down the internal stairs which lead to the bedroom level and the garden and entertainment area on the lowest floor.

The dramatic siting of the house has been offset by the use of a variety of natural materials such as stone, recycled timber and weathered zinc. These materials contrast with the background of plain white plaster walls.”

Photos courtesy of MPR Design Group
Source: MPR Design Group

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