Israel-based studio Lanciano Design has completed the interior design of this apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Apartment Interior in Tel-Aviv by Lanciano Design:

“The apartment was purchased by the clients as an open space with a beautiful view overlooking the sea and the metropolis of Tel-Aviv on 25st. floor.

The concept of the project was to divide the space giving the feeling of a loft to each area, using transparent materials such as glass for the bath rooms, toilets and showers. So that it would be possible to profit the view from all angels of the apartment.

Lanciano design wanted to keep the modern minimalistic open space look and yet to bring some warmth with materials such as row wood on the dining table, rough accessories, and still keeping the elegant atmosphere.

In lanciano design we believe in using monochromatic colors, and to combine many different materials and textures that give the character and body.

A lot of attention was given to all little details and finishes throughout the apartment. Also we consecrate on lighting effects. Our office specializes in lighting design.

We believe that part of the project success was due to purchasing with our clients all the art objects and accessories. Creating a total design.”

Photos by: Elad Sarig
Source: Lanciano Design