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MO House by LVS Architecture and JC NAME Arquitectos

By • Jan 5, 2012

Mexican studio LVS Architecture has designed the MO House project in collaboration with JC NAME Arquitectos.

Completed in 2008, this two story contemporary home is located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

MO House by LVS Architecture and JC NAME Arquitectos:

“The project for the MO House responds to a typical architectural program without being conventional. This proposal for a residence is conceptualized in an unique way. It is based on a pragmatic parameter and far from social rules or conventions. It arises through the experimentation, on a deep study but above all on a resolution to functions over form.

It is a project that responds to change, to new materials and shapes, for breaking canons established and contextual removal from the zone. It is simply a house that is viewed from a different angle. The form responds to the organization of two rectangular volumes that are intercepted by a bridge. This conceptualization symbolizes the breaking of the house unity or as a unique entity trying to establish two different dialogues, the duality between public and private areas, between services and living, and even on the differences between parents and children.

It is based strictly on the premise of inhabiting toward the interior, it is focused in the form, in the perspectives, in the angles and the projecting visuals. The program of the house develops an inside playful esthetic, clearly formal and conceptual as well as experimentatal on visual photogenic diversities. The house is full of intersections and pure diagonals, but above all is based on an intense study on lighting and shadows enjoyable from each angle.”

Ground Level
Upper Level

Photos by: Mito Covarrubias, Luis Othón Villegas
Source: ArchDaily

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