Denver-based studio 3BY Architecture has completed the 727 Forest Street Project in 2007.

This 3,900 square foot two story contemporary green home is located in a neighborhood characterized by traditional single family residences in Denver, Colorad, USA.

Sold in 2007 for $1,14 million, and for $1,135 million in 2010, the house is back on the market for the third time, now offered at $1,2 million.

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727 Forest Street Residence by 3BY Architecture:

“Located in a neighborhood characterized by traditional single family residences, the Courtyard House is a new landmark for Denver’s Mayfair neighborhood. The home is sensitively designed and compatible with its surroundings while setting a

new benchmark for contemporary, user-friendly and environmentally-sensitive design.

Underlying the extensive design work that went into the house is a profound commitment to green building. This green home provides energy efficiency, comfort and a healthy indoor environment while reducing the impact on the environment.”

Photos by: Teri Fotheringham
Source: MileHiModern