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PH New York by Innocad

Austria-based studio Innocad has completed the PH New York project.

The architects have designed the interior of a rooftop apartment located in Meatpacking District, a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York city, USA.

PH New York by Innocad:

“Situated between the Meatpacking Districts at the borders of Highline Park the rooftop apartment was remodelled to meet the needs of its new inhabitants. Innocad Architecture changed it functionally and enhanced the design by mixing European design and New York lifestyle and thus creating a fresh atmophere.

Materials and choice of colours represent both high quality standards and relaxed urbanity. Each room mirrors an immediate visual reference to the fascinating land and roofscape of New York City.

The Heart of the apartment, a Marilyn Relief, defines the residential area. It is a functional and artistic attribute and also a tribute to this extraordinary city.”

Photos by: Thomas Schauer

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