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Surreal Steampunk Apartment in Chelsea, New York City

By • Jan 27, 2012 •  Selected Work 

Spotted on Core, this 1800 square foot two bedroom, two bath, apartment located in Chelsea, New York City, USA, features “surreal, retro industrial, and steampunk elements.

Upon entering this semi-private building, you are greeted with a submarine style front entry, complete with keypad locking system and working porthole.

The chef’s kitchen is furnished with high-end appliances and stainless steel countertops that allow for easy entertaining.

From the custom finished concrete floors to the 32-foot zeppelin LED programmable light system, this apartment is a truly unique living space.”

Fans of Jules Vernes, you will love this incredible apartment!


Photos: Rich Caplan

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2 Comments to Surreal Steampunk Apartment in Chelsea, New York City
  1. Jonathan says:

    That’s got to be targeted toward a rich geek. It seems that the bathroom is very unassimilated with the rest of the design and breaks the immersion. A cool idea and it appears well executed. I would hope for moving objects and steam sounds. Steampunk is not my thing, though, and I would prefer a different theme.

  2. Vance Miller says:

    Surreal is an understatement. I wonder how big the steampunk market is. I know its pretty good size in Portland Oregon but even this theme would really have to be marketing aggressively to find a buyer.

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