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Sea Shell Residence interior by Lanciano Design

Israel-based studio Lanciano Design has completed the interior design of the Sea Shell Residence.

This 7,500 square foot contemporary home is located on the Mediterranean coast of Israel.

Sea Shell Residence interior by Lanciano Design:

“Designing the interior of the house was hatched by Angela Lanciano and Cher Sela as an “Haute couture” project based on gathering all information throughout from the beginning of the project, Details and accurately calculated in advance, in order to avoid unexpected surprises. This is our main philosophy.

“Openness” is the main concept that led us in this project, combining informal ambient and yet sheer elegance. We choose a palette of colors that repeats the colors of the outside into the house.

The unconventional layout of the kitchen & the dining area came to our thoughts when designing this space, thinking how friendly it will be to enjoy entertaining family & guests, being able to host and to be present at the same time.

The ground floor wrapped in large apertures maintaining a dialog with the outside. Obtaining the open space feeling.

We have “fetish” for bathrooms, there for, our aim is to give the bathrooms area a complete thinking “out of the box”, planning different & original designs.

The lighting in the house designed by “Lanciano-Design” has many scenarios, for special effects to be able to change completely the ambient in the house.

The result: a clear and precise space based on an open flow and is characterized by clean lines, rich but delicate materials and aesthetic original solutions.”

Photos by: Elad Sarig

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