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Valdemorillo Residence by Otto Medem Architecture

Madrid Based studio Otto Medem Architecture has designed the Valdemorillo Residence.

As its name suggests, this contemporary two story home is located in Valdemorillo, a small town in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain.

Valdemorillo Residence by Otto Medem Architecture:

“The project was commissioned by a couple of journalists who seek peace on the outskirts of the city.

The house is broken into three volumes to suit the rugged topography of the land. The pieces are positioned to find the best views of the mountains and take in the serenity. Solar positioning was also considered with the placement of each room, depending on its designated use.

The union of these three parts is established through the connection of their facades, with bands that cross and give expression to the project.

The intersection of these volumes becomes the heart of the home, the nucleus from which you access all the rooms, maximizing space and eliminating distribution corridors.

Ground Floor:

The entrance hall distributes the different rooms of the house. It is the meeting point of the three volumes, the core of the house.

At 0.00 we put the living room, from where direct access to the porch and pool are permitted through a sliding window system, allowing the user to expand the room into the garden in summer.

At one meter high, are the kitchen and dining room, which likewise have a porch and a yard.

The exterior is adapted to the different levels of the house, to allow direct contact with the vegetation that surrounds it.

At the top of the ground floor lies the sleeping area, which consists of only two rooms in fulfillment of the clients’ wishes.

Second Floor:

Upstairs in the office, the perimeter of the room is maximized with the placement of bookshelves to house the clients’ extensive collection of books.”

Site Plan

Photos by: Luis H. Segovia

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