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La Vinya Home by Lagula Arquitectes

Barcelona-based studio Lagula Arquitectes has designed the La Vinya project for property developer PGA Catalunya Resort.

This 4,560 square foot, two story, contemporary home is located in Caldes de Malavella, a municipality of the comarca of Selva in Catalonia, Spain.

La Vinya Home by PGA Catalunya Resort:

“Life in La Vinya unfolds against the backdrop of a modern reinterpretation of the Palladian villa. Sensitivity is the keynote in expansive show villa in which outdoor and indoor spaces, patios, porches and pergolas extend outwards, mingling with the natural setting. It is where the bedroom terraces are built from stone that blends in perfectly with the surroundings and where the upper terraces and patios become vantage points, set within a landscape in which the house’s single volume rests, natural and abstract.

The vision for this home is laid out around a series of symbolic spaces, in homage to a Mediterranean country villa. The home is accessed from an elevated patio, reinstating the main carriage entrances of the Palladian villas. The terrace offers magnificent views over the golf course, extending the vista from the living room and making it a privileged vantage point overlooking the landscape. Protected from view and occupying a dominant position, the swimming pool blends beautifully with the house in a spectacular bathing area in which to enjoy an exceptional sensory experience. Each and every one of the elements in the house offers the luxury of being an exclusive product.”

Photos courtesy of PGA Catalunya Resort and Lagula Arquitectes

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1 thought on “La Vinya Home by Lagula Arquitectes”

  1. Don’t get me wrong I like this house but what does it have to do with Spain?
    There’s almost nothing indigenous about this other then it being white. These basic forms are right out of the Corbu
    playbook dating back well over 60 years so it’s nothing new and you might as well throw this down in Australia, the U.S. Africa or what have you. I like the forms but they’re so over used that Architecture around the world is becoming homogenized just like everything else. How about something that cries out ESPANA!!!

    I used to live in Spain and once again I like this building but it doesn’t send me laments of that region nor does it inspire other architects in that region to step out of their comfort zone to be creative and not pull out dated and overused forms. Like any ‘unique’ plant from any region around this planet they look unique because they’ve adapted to their environ (which in this case besides all of the physical forces there are also sociological and historical ones)……..show me Spain.


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