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Huete House by BmasC Arquitectos

By • Feb 18, 2012

Spanish studio BmasC Arquitectos has designed the Huete House.

Completed in 2010, this contemporary two story home is located at the foot of the Avila mountains in Muñopepe, Spain.

Huete House by BmasC Arquitectos:

“The Huete House is located at the foot of Avila mountains, in Muñopepe, in the boundary between the foothills and the village. Mountains moulded by granite formations, big rounded stones dropping and settling along the hillside.

The Huete House gives answers to this boundary by domesticating the last stones of the hillside, forming prismatic empty pieces leaning on each other, just like the granite stones, which are initially independent but absolutely need each other, letting the light flow in between…., slowly dwelling the boundary between the mountains and the village, between man and nature

The Huete House reflects on how to be established in the boundary, located in a nearly urban context, in a nearly natural context, it stays in the boundary trying to find the minimum tools to be inhabited.

The Huete House needs to prioritize economy, the spare clay bricks are recycled, searching a new function, they are all cut into three pieces. The ones on the sides are 4cm wide, and will be used as ceramic tiles in the north façade, giving these faces a featured texture The central piece will be recycled as a ceramic block for the south fence.”

South Elevation


North Elevation


Photos courtesy of BmasC Arquitectos

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