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Midnight Pass House by DSDG Inc. Architects

By Eric Meunier


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Mark E. Sultana, principal of Sarasota-based studio DSDG Inc. Architects has designed the Midnight Pass House.

Built by Voigt Brothers Construction, this two story contemporary home is located in Sarasota, a city on the southwestern coast of Florida, USA.

Midnight Pass House by by DSDG Inc. Architects:

“The concept began with creating a modern residence for a family of five by taking advantage of outdoor and indoor living. The site for this residence is a one acre wooded waterfront property on Siesta Key with water and city views to the East and South. The residence is structured around a central round, double height living room with an open loft den penetrating the space on the second level. Two axes extend from the center of the radial living room to the entry creating the center of the grand steel and glass staircase, out to form the edge of the exterior hardscaping and to the rear creating the edge of the large double height volume outdoor living space and edge of pool deck. The residence captures the views of the water while bringing the outside in with large opening glass doors on the rear.

Creating the drama of arrival at the entry is accomplished through a motor court with bamboo and palm tree gardens. Once inside the residence, a center staircase creates vertical circulation from the ground level up to the 2,500 square foot roof top terrace. The roof top terrace creates a tree top view of Sarasota bay and Downtown Sarasota as well as a private getaway from the main residence featuring sail shades and hot tub.

Since the site is located in a tropical climate, outdoor living spaces are located off of all living and sleeping areas. The custom designed, wet edge, radial shaped pool on the rear mixes fire and water to create not only a day time oasis but also a night time light show. The residence accomplishes the goals in which were set forth by creating modern design in scale, form and function in a minimalist manor.”

Photos by: Detlev Von Kessel

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  1. This house feels too much like an office building to me. It seems like a cross between old-fashioned conservative colonial mansion with new-age modern. The main living room feels like the same layout from the mansion of the rich millionaire’s son in the video game: “Heavy Rain.” This house is not my style, no matter how BIG it is…would feel nice living here but it is not the epitome of good design.


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