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IceHotel 2011

The winter season 2010/2011 was the twentyfirst in order for IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi, a small village in Norrbotten County, Sweden.

An over twenty-year journey from an Igloo of 60 square meters to the world’s largest hotel of ice and snow at about 5,500 square meters.

Welcome to IceHotel and Swedish Lapland!

Artists: Jon Nilsson, Jens Thoms & Mats Nilsson
Artists: Jon Nilsson, Jens Thoms & Mats Nilsson
Artists: Sofi Ruotsalainen, Mats Nille Nilsson & Lena
Artists: Natsuki Saito & Shingo Saito
Artists: Rob Harding & Paco Aquilar
Artists: Ben Rousseau & Ian Douglas-Jones
Artists: Alessandro Falca & Magdalena Åkerström
Artists: Natalia Chistyakova & Karlis Ile
Artists: Tobias Hesselgren & Björn Bondesson
Artist: AnnaSofia Mååg
Artist: Marinus Vroom & Marjolein Vonk
Artists: Wilfred Stijger & Edith van de Wetering
Artist: Marcus Dillistone
Artists: Tomasz Czajkowski & Eryk Marks
Artists: Arne Bergh, Åke Larsson, Mikael Nilsson & Sofi Ruotsalainen
Artists: Nina Hedman & Magnus Hedman
Artists: Jose Pablo Arriaga, Jose Carlos & Cabello Millán

IceHotel construction process:

Photos by: Christopher Hauser, Leif Milling, Ben Nilsson

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