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Mews 02 by Andy Martin Architects

By Eric Meunier


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London-based studio Andy Martin Architects has completed the Mews 2 project in 2011.

The architects have converted a mechanics garage into a four story contemporary home in Belsize Park, an area of north-west London, England, UK.

Mews 02 by Andy Martin Architects:

“Mews 02 is a single residence set in Belsize Park; the owners, a musician and his designer wife, wanted this existing mechanics garage to be converted to a 4 level family home, with the emphasis on the entertaining areas and with the ability to create private compartments over for sleeping.

On first impression, as one passes through the entry gates, the sunken courtyard resembles a slate quarry with its charcoal blocks running externally and reaching internally to the rear of the residence. Immediately is possible to feel the playful use of dark and light, of black and white. The seamless flooring is flowing horizontally through each level and the contrasting charcoal construction blocks are rising vertically. This spine wall creates the circulation hub and AMA set out to isolate each floor using this device.

An important aspect of this project is the way AMA have managed to capture the available light creatively, using glazed and wooden screens, and even natural vegetation screens giving all the space unique atmosphere throughout the day and night.”

Photos courtesy of Andy Martin Architects

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  1. great home but the photos are Sh*t (to speak candid) apart from the first couple you cant see an actual room! who in the world took theses shots??? why would you take photos of a house and not actually have any substantial shots of the house! ridiculous!!!


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