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House in Aroeira by Aires Mateus & Associados

Lisbon-based studio Aires Mateus & Associados has designed the House in Aroeira project.

Completed in 2010, this 3,230 square foot contemporary home is located in Aroeira, Portugal.

House in Aroeira by Aires Mateus & Associados:

“The site’s hexagonal shape goes unnoticed due to the lack of fencing, which dilutes the land into the surrounding pine trees. This house covers the maximum possible area, echoing the shape of the site. It is arranged around a courtyard, articulating its spaces as an extension of this central space.

Beginning from a capricious shape, this house encounters its first sharp boundary in the outline of the awning. The auxiliary zones resolve the geometry, tranquilising the main spaces.”

Site Plan

Photos courtesy of Aires Mateus & Associados
Via ArchDaily

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