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Shanholt Residence by Brissette Architects

By Eric Meunier


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Arizona based architectural photographer Mark Spomer has sent us photos of the Shanholt Residence designed by Scottsdale-based studio Brissette Architects.

This custom home is located in the North Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

Shanholt Residence by Brissette Architects:

“Arizona based architectural and luxury photographer, Mark Spomer, was commissioned by award winning Brissette Architects to create images that clearly show how their design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding desert landscape, shows the owner’s wishes of “keeping it simple,” and highlights the spectacular sunsets over the “Valley of the Sun.”

The Shanholt residence is a custom home located in the North Scottsdale, AZ community of Desert Mountain. It is an enclave of fine custom homes where many of its building sites offer dramatic views and relationships with nature in the high Sonoran desert southwest. The design of the home was inspired by such a site where the realization of structure was to be an extension of that living experience and not just an appendage upon it.

Designed by Brissette Architects, a local Scottsdale firm, the objective was to serve the client’s program and their desire to keep it simple; to find a way to express a simple elegance celebrating the potential of the land, and to solve the technical problems that went hand in hand with the drama. There were complex drainage issues of significant down mountain flows that had to be reckoned with as well as stringent design guideline standards set forth by the community. The goal was to achieve a working solution that seamlessly expressed a simple but elegant home that became of its site.

Rectilinear forms as counterpointed by circular elements were chosen to express the structure and to organize its flow and living spaces. The details of the house follow suit as illustrated in fireplace designs and fenestrations. The exterior is done in stone, stucco and metal, yet remains warm and inviting. Interior space is woven together by use of random flagstone flooring throughout the common areas which blend into outdoor spaces. The client’s great choices of walnut doors and millwork, granites, and tile further enhance a simple strength of expression.

As graduates of the Frank Lloyd Wright School, Ron Brissette and partner Jeff Kamtz sought to apply Wrightian principals that celebrate honest expression of structure and making the transitions between indoor and outdoor space appear seamless.

The success of the project is ultimately determined by the proud and satisfied client who knows they have something special. This is the litmus test of the moment and the hope of creating an enduring architecture over time.”

Photos by: Mark Spomer

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