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Shipping Container House by Studio H:T

By Eric Meunier


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Boulder-based architectural firm Studio H:T has designed the Shipping Container House project.

Completed in May 2010, this 1,517 square foot, solar-powered house is located in Nederland, Colorado, USA.

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Shipping Container House by Studio H:T:

“This project questions the need for excessive space and challenges occupants to be efficient. Two shipping containers saddlebag a taller common space that connects local rock outcroppings to the expansive mountain ridge views. The containers house sleeping and work functions while the center space provides entry, dining, living and a loft above.

The loft deck invites easy camping as the platform bed rolls between interior and exterior. The project is planned to be off-the-grid using solar orientation, passive cooling, green roofs, pellet stove heating and photovoltaics to create electricity.”

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Photos by: Braden Gunem

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  1. I could happily live in a shipping container home with this design. Great home with fantastic sitting room views!

  2. I really think that this is an awesome design; I love the garage doors, and overall atmosphere of the home. I am in High School right now and I am planning to go to college for architecture, and I think it would be neat to popularise this industrial/modern style.


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