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House A by Laura Alvarez Architecture

Amsterdam-based studio Laura Alvarez Architecture has completed the House A project in 2011.

The architect have completely renovated and redesigned the interior of this 915 square foot apartment located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

House A by Laura Alvarez Architecture:

“Bringing light inside and achieving spatiality have been the two main goals of this project. The apartment built in the 70’s is located in a very quite and green area in the city centre of Amsterdam.

The southeast-orientated garden provides the house with fantastic views and light conditions.

The spaces have been very clearly organized: A wooden box separates day and night functions. It contains all the service spaces of the house such us storage, garderobe, WC, boiler, etc. By concentrating all this elements in a box, the living areas are wide and spacious.

The bathroom is situated between the two bedrooms. It receives natural light from both sides. A small wooden window opens up towards the garden.

All doors of the house have been removed and replaced by sliding doors. By doing so, the user has the flexibility of opening and connecting all the spaces or closing them all.

The old lowered ceilings have been removed and the old piping left visible, as a remembering of the past.”

Photos by: Ewout Huibers

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