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Courtyard House by Buensalido Architects

Filipino studio Buensalido Architects has transformed a dilapidated warehouse into a contemporary single family residence.

Completed in 2010, this single story home is located in BF Homes, a gated middle and upper class subdivision of Parañaque City, Philippines.

Courtyard House by Buensalido Architects:

“Upon seeing the old, original, dilapidated structure, we were quick to agree that the structure could be converted into a unique residence by giving focus to an open, pre-existing courtyard right in the middle of the house.

Instead of an excluded outdoor space, it is now stitched to all its rooms as they all flow into it both physically and visually. By employing a series of glass skylights above the courtyard, it now becomes part of the interior spaces as it can be used as an extension of the living and dining areas, but at the same time feel as if it were an outdoor space as people can still catch glimpses of the sky through the glass cut outs on the ceiling.”

Photos courtesy of Buensalido Architects

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