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Three Wall House by Kovac Architects

By • May 12, 2012

Los Angeles-based studio Kovac Architects has designed the Three Wall Hous.

This two story contemporary home is located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Three Wall House by Kovac Architects:

“This dramatic minimalist residence occupies an irregularly shaped hilltop site at the end of a long driveway. To heighten the sense of arrival, we elected to unmask the house and view gradually. Upon reaching the top of the drive, slits in one of the house’s namesake walls give the barest hint of the space beyond, and only after completing the final turn into the motor court is the vista fully revealed, framed by three monolithic walls.

The house uses dynamic formal elements to articulate spaces and curate views. On arrival, one is greeted by a delicate bridge which spans the motor court to connect the residence with a guest house/ garage. To one side, the primary living spaces are sheltered by a double-cantilevered plane- hovering just above, but never touching a major demarcating wall. The effect is one of visceral tension, and a counterpoint to the pastoral surroundings.

The “three walls” that define the motor court form, in turn, a visual anchor for the living spaces beyond. After passing through these enclosures, visitors are pulled through a sequence of glazed volumes which culminate at the expansive family room. Glass doors retract to access deep terraces to the north and east. To the east and south, a large pool and a sequence of gardens complete the scene.”

Photos by: Lars Frazer

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One Comment to Three Wall House by Kovac Architects
  1. ronh says:

    Looks and feels like an institutional building, actually a school…….not all that inviting as a ‘HOME’. You can still do the contemporary modern even ‘brutal’ look but make it feel compassionate or at least not institutionalized.

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