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Sunshine Beach House by Bark Design Architects

By Eric Meunier


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Australian studio Bark Design Architects has designed the Sunshine Beach House.

This contemporary two story vacation home is located in Queensland, Australia.

Sunshine Beach House by Bark Design Architects:

“Designed for interstate clients as their Sunshine Beach holiday retreat and sited within the relatively tight confines of four neighbouring houses and a duplex, the Sunshine Beach house focuses on creating an ‘oasis of leisure’ within the boundaries of its 536 sq.m coastal site.

The design gathers secondary spaces around a private North facing double height indoor outdoor room and swimming pool zone. As the main social space, the double height open volume of the living space compresses over the kitchen and pool room at either end of the space, and similarly the main Outdoor room volume compresses as an undercroft below the main bedroom providing varying places to enjoy family time, relaxation and holidays.

Separate zones of the house are connected via a strong visual axis of circulation from the double height timber screened entry on the East through to the louver window on the West. Along this ‘spine’, Northern light falls through a continuous high level clerestory ‘pop up’, encouraging winter sun and natural cross ventilation.

Taking visual clues from coastal beach shacks of the mid century, the economical material palette combines exposed timber framing, timber screens, exposed studs, FC weatherboards, and polished concrete.”

Photos by: Christopher Frederick Jones

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