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Resort Home in Tyresö Brevik

By Sophie Johnson


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This 315 square foot contemporary, resort home can be found in Tyresö Brevik, Sweden overlooking the bay.

Currently on the market from Skeppsholmen Sotheby’s International Realty, it is a two bedroom residence with two stories, and was built in 2005.

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Resort Home in Tyresö Brevik, broker’s description:

“With wonderful views over the bay as well as Ersta Ingaröfjärd, the architectural design of this house is unparalleled.

The House, located approximately 70 meters [229 feet] above the water, on a total of 110 sqm [360 square feet] is like a jewel on the Tyresö Breviks hillside.

With a plate of concrete, Austrian laminated wood beams, and façade of larch, the building is more or less maintenance-free, built in 2005.

The open plan allows light to reach most parts of the home.

We are led into the hall with a staircase to the upper level. There is a bathroom connected to the master bedroom and two big closets. More stairs take us down to the living room which looks out onto the sea and covered terrace. This is integrated with a tasteful kitchen. Furthermore, there is an office in combination with laundry, media, and storage.

Ceiling plan constitutes a large covered terrace, from which boating can be enjoyed and tie into a large parking area. In addition, there is an isolated bedroom on the lot with electricity , 15 sqm [45 square feet]. It is a perfect guest accommodation.

Everything is expertly designed and is associated with functionality. Storage space is efficient.

Exterior and interior harmonize well and the boundary between inside and outside is blurred, with its location in the heart of nature with several large glass areas and terraces.

Sun can be found on the site throughout the day and most patios enable a fantastic social life out in the open. It is possible to enjoy a barbecue on a summer evening as well as to see the sky and the archipelago highlighted at midnight by New Year’s Eve Fireworks.

A suitable island home for those who desire proximity to town as well as incredible animal and wildlife. Works well as a permanent residence or for weekend and summer stay.”

Photos courtesy of Skeppsholmen Sotheby’s International Realty

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