New York city-based architectural firm studioMDA has design the interior of this loft for painter and sculptor artist Jonny Detiger.

The 4,260 square foot loft is located in NoHo, a a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan, USA.

Detiger Residence by studioMDA:

“The design of the loft is in a way antithetical to Manhattan’s Noho neighborhood, where the common practice is the open plan. The approach for this residence was to curate gallery-like vistas in the living areas and separate the sleeping spaces to allow each its own identity and privacy.

The children’s wall provides a home within the home, combining storage for toys, an Astroturf covered play area, a lofted bunk and nestled, intimate “cocoons” for leisure and reading. Situated to the scale of a child’s hiding place, the wall encourages adventures in the labyrinthine corridors of imaginations.

The cocoons endeavor to achieve the implied metamorphosis, by providing sanctuary for imaginative thought, where one may lose oneself in daydreams, or in some great book.”

Photos by: Richard Powers, Roland Halbe