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Alvarez Beach House by Longhi Architects

By Eric Meunier


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Lima-based practice Longhi Architects has designed the Alvarez Beach House.

Completed in 2010, this 6200 square foot, five story, contemporary beach house is located in Misterio Beach, 72 miles (117 kilometers) south of Lima, Peru.

Alvarez Beach House by Longhi Architects:

“Alvarez Beach House is located on a cliff of Playa Misterio, a gated beach community 117 Km. south of Lima. With vehicular and pedestrian access at approximately 50 meters over sea level, Alvarez Beach House was the answer to specific program requirements given by the client, a successful surgeon with a large family.

The social area of the house was placed near the entry, occupying two levels while accommodations for children and parents were organized in two parts: the two levels above the social area were designated for the boys and their guests and 3 levels below social area for the parents, girls and their guests.

Swimming pool and recreational facilities were located at lower levels occupying a series of terraces designed to connect the house with the ocean.”

first level
second level
third level
fourth level
fifth level

Photos by: Juan Solano, CHOlon Photography

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