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Picture House by Fabio Barilari

By • Jun 14, 2012

This two story, masonry home, is located in Ripatransone, Italy.

It was designed by architect Fabio Barilari and completed in 2009.

Picture House by Fabio Barilari:

“A dialog of looks: the house looks out on the landscape; the countryside – beautiful – fills the inside.

On the outside, the house camouflages, speaks the language of the surrounding world, made of rural tradition and natural colours.

The inside becomes abstract.

The outside tradition filters inside just like paintings on the walls.

Every function point has a painting to observe.

The staircase offers an internal articulate movement which is an invitation to discovery and experimenting.

It is an extension of the living room, a place to sit, to climb, to expose.

The staircase has small and big steps, it has sittings and ramps.

A chaise long for two, to admire the surrounding beauty.

The windows attract the landscape; they frame it and project it in the inside.

The staircase carries on the outside terrace, creating a sense of continuity between inside and outside, between ground floor, mezzanine and first floor; the same material is used for stairs, sitting, terrace and internal floor.

“PICTURE HOUSE”, like the old English cinemas: moving images, landscapes and changing colours enter from the outside world during the different seasons.”

ground floor
first floor
cross section
section, cross section
architect's sketch

Photos by: Vincenzo Barilari

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