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House in the Roofs by 05 AM Arquitectura

Girona-based studio 05 AM Arquitectura has designed the House in the Roofs project.

The architects have transformed the interior of the two upper floors of a terraced house located in Solsona, a town in Catalonia, Spain.

House in the Roofs by 05 AM Arquitectura:

“The four storey terraced house in a old town, has been reformed to be adapted to the changes of the family who live there.

The installation of an elevator that connects all four levels allows changing programmatic use of the second and third floors, to improve the quality of its spaces, and to enjoy the space, which has the best views and which makes best use of it’s space by using a sloping roof. In this way, the unused roof terrace is improved, becoming the main living space of the house.

The main bedroom is situated on the second floor, where previously there was the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. On the third floor, with it’s large floor space, and where there were the bedrooms and the roof terrace, now we have the living room, dining room and the kitchen, all more spacious and better equipped, incorporating all services in in-built furniture in contact with the partition walls which frees up space on the glazed facade.

This in-built furniture is designed to provide the necessary support in each area to develop the different activities. Including the kitchen, but hidden away from the living room. It has a desk with closed shelves, the fireplace and entering inside we can find the bathroom. All the volumetric composition is designed to include the need to store, the lighting and tables for different uses.

The stairs and the elevator are also in contact with the partition walls, completing the idea to accumulate there all the services, releasing an open space, under the new wooden roof and with the best views of the rooftops of the old town.”

Photos courtesy of 05 AM Arquitectura

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