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Studio by Munoz Architects

By • Jul 14, 2012

The twenty-person team at Mexico’s Munoz Architects is responsible for the design of its own facilities located in Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico and constructed in 1997.

Studio by Munoz Architects:

“This project develops on a flat, regular 400 square meter lot, whose main feature was the existence of a magnificent cedar tree located on the back of the field. The studio is conceived around the cedar tree and seeks to pay it homage.

There are three elements taking part in the composition:

A) An  encircling, consisting in a rectangular prism that retakes the high ceilings of big old downtown Merida houses. This volume, completely open towards the cedar tree, houses the art workshop, the front desk, secretariat and services. In the interior, the program elements are distributed through the use of furniture and architectural elements that never interrupt the space, allowing it to flow freely within the prism.

B) A curve wall that leads the visitor towards the access and and facilitates cedar tree visuals. The wall develops on the ground floor, it is born inside the encircling to house the services and continues on to the exterior of the prism to originate the meeting room. The wall curve extends forming a patio, without ever touching the western adjoining wall.

C. A flagstone that, just like the wall, is born from the interior an extends outwards. It serves as a vertical spatial separator, dividing part of the prism volume in two, originating the mezzanine that also has a cedar tree view. The flagstone that flies over the curve wall adopts a trapezoidal shape, protects the access as a sort of porch and leads the visitor towards the front desk.

The formal language emphasized all three composition elements, which, handled in white and regional quarry, enhance the beauty of the cedar tree that originated the project”

Photos by: Roberto Cardenas Cabello

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