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Casa Albanese by ASA Studio Albanese

By • Aug 10, 2012

Italian architectural firm ASA Studio Albanese has created the Casa Albanese.

Completed in 1998, this traditional mediterranean dammuso house, parts of which are original ancient ruins, is located on the Island of Pantelleria, Italy.

Casa Albanese by ASA Studio Albanese:

“Island of Pantelleria, Mediterranean, 12° Est 36°45’ North, 80 sq. Km: a pouring of lava, on the continental shelf of Africa, in the middle of the Sicilian Channel. Thirty miles from Tunisia. An agricultural complex containing a number of dammusi, the typical construction of the local agricultural population, built with double dry-masonry walls in lavic stone and obsidian (100 to 200 cm thick), interspaces filled with rubble (“casciata”): the internal wall supports the vault, the external wall functions as a buttress; a rugged landscape, with severe level variations, each marked by e wall; Mediterranean vegetation (grapevines, olives, holm oaks and prickly pear cacti).

On the pre-existing dammusi, which were partially ruined, a series of new spaces have been built using the original construction techniques, concatenated around a volume with an apse, with a vaulted roof (height 4.5 m), organized around a sequence of enclosed courtyards that can be used in the summer. The compact character of this allusive village is contrasted by the openness, defined by a simple stucco wall, of the swimming pool, whose border marks the profile of the sea.

A succession of material identifies the interior: bare stone indicates pre-existing elements. A long pathway in tufa, bordered by a stone wall, leads to e depression 16 metres below the level of the house. At the centre of this volcanic depression, terraces have been built to create an open-air theatre.”

Photos courtesy of ASA Studio Albanese

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