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Water Villa by Framework Architects + Studio Prototype

By • Aug 10, 2012

Water Villa is a 2011 project by Framework Architects and Studio Prototype located in Gabriël Metsustraat, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Sharp, vertical lines are prevalent throughout this contemporary boathouse, emphasizing the upward transition between water and air.

Water Villa by Framework Architects + Studio Prototype:

“This water villa was designed by FRAMEWORK Architecten & Studio PROTOTYPE for a waterfront location near the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.

The relation between the water and house is central to the design. There is a subtle playfulness between open and closed. The vertically designed pattern, an abstract allusion to the water, provides not only optimal privacy but also a subtle play of light inside the residence itself. The inhabitants are able to regulate their privacy by, for example, an integrated folding window that can be opened and closed by remote control. The house is spacious with three levels, one of which is below the water, while living and work areas are located above the water.

The three levels are spaciously connected by an inner patio, which not only centrally organizes the plan of the house but creates sufficient light in the lower level as well. Also, the steel staircase that has such distinctive significance for the character of the house, is located in the patio. Here again, the vertical pattern of the staircase, consisting of a steel stripe pattern, provides a dynamic display of light and direction.”

floor plan


floor plan


floor plan






Photos by: Jeroen Musch

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