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BB by Yo Yamagata Architects

By • Aug 12, 2012

Yo Yamagata Architects have completed BB in Tokyo, Japan.

BB by Yo Yagamata Architects:

“The site is facing the street of 4m wide one back from the main road entering the center of Tokyo. Along a main street have a scale of 10-story building but the street near the site have a small scale of 2 or 3 story. This case is due to the regulations of form limiting height of a building in proportion to the roads. It is the common case in the center of city. But I felt more attractive than uniform scale of a residential area.

The client’s needs, “does not feel that the house from the outside”. We took the following operations for this request. Sharpened the volume using two regulations of form. Regulations are roads and sunshine in this site. In addition, make narrow a lower of building. I erased the line of the story height the building the usual 3m. Also erased an aperture lead a scale. In addition, float the walls of the road side from the ground slightly. The building has a unique and a mysterious presence.

Because it is surrounded by adjacent housing, it is difficult to protect the privacy if open the directly aperture on the periphery. So we arranged the three courts as a buffer zone, and made a large opening toward them. Became possible to incorporate light and air from the surroundings with which block the line of sight.

The client requests fully decouple residential space and work space. And configuration of space like a skip floor lead the floor with moving vertically cross-sectional. On the other hand, proposed a cross-sectional structure of the step floor rather than skip floor. We connected floor of stepwise in 40cm shifted that were divided into four planes. There is a difference in height of 120cm to look at the lowest floor and high floor. And you will have sense of distance beyond a real horizontal distance. Continued in a spiral flow line from the basement to the third floor, and generating a diagonal movement in space.”

Photos by Forward Stroke Inc.

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