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Hidden House by Teatum+Teatum

By Sophie Johnson


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The architects of Teatum + Teatum created this contemporary residence in 2012 to serve as a retreat from the bustling urban streets of London, England.

In order to create a sense of intimacy and seclusion, the only natural light comes from the perforated front doors and sky lights that are present throughout the building.

Hidden House by Teatum+Teatum:

“Hidden House — T+T 001 is formed between existing buildings using the left over spaces of the city. Hidden House makes an opportunity of its dislocation from the street. It turns its back to the city and responds to its location by creating an architecture that is internal and intimate.

The house is organised over two levels and structured around a 7 metre high internal lightwell. Living spaces interface across the central lightwell, allowing bedrooms and living areas to overlap and connect. This interface between spaces seeks the opportunity for programmes to infect one another.

The connection to the exterior is formed through high level skylights that bring top-light to bedrooms and the central lightwell. By removing external views the sense of interior is reinforced, creating intimacy and a focus on light and materiality.

The rear elevation, a black shining surface, embedded with silica carbide particles acts like a mask, engaging the viewer without expressing or revealing the space behind. The steel butterfly doors are laser cut to reflect the pattern of rain on a cold window.

Internally, the laser cut pattern allows light to penetrate into the hidden spaces of the ground floor interior. Hidden House provides a way for the city to create more housing on existing sites providing unique spaces at low cost.”




Photos by : Lyndon Douglas

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