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Ginan by Keitaro Muto Architects

By Sophie Johnson


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Keitaro Muto Architects created this minimal, contemporary home located in Hashima-gun, Gifu, Japan.

Gravel has been applied to the exterior walls of the 2012 project to mimic the ground for a gravity-defying effect.

Ginan by Keitaro Muto Architects:

“The client requested to relocate garden stones and trees from a garden of the house which he used to live.

The site is long and narrow, left half site on the road as a “garden” for their children future. The whole site is as a “garden”, spread gravel all over the site and placed some big garden rocks and trees. The building stands as if it was a part of this garden.

This diagonal wall which is made with gravel makes the ground look as if it were standing up, making it a magnificent scene.

Inside this architecturally designed building (mass), you will find the bedroom, bathroom and other rooms where you will be able to have your own space for comfort and privacy.

The spaces left by the volumes are open spaces where the family can get together.

Both the inside and outside of this house were dynamically designed to give the owner an open and clear feeling as if they were in a garden.”

Photos courtesy of Keitaro Muto Architects

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