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Dwelling Etura by Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura

By • Aug 31, 2012

A lush, green lawn is given a surreal twist as it is cantilevered over a vast open landscape on the roof of this contemporary design by Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura.

Dwelling Etura is a 2011 project that is located in Barrundia, a valley and municipality located in the province of Álava, in the Basque Autonomous Community, northern Spain.

Dwelling Etura by Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura:

“The parcel slope determines the starting point of the project.

The visual impact of the housing is reduced by placing it below the access level into the side, with a piece strongly over hanged.This is achieved by minimal intervention in the environment (9% parcel occupancy). The roof garden with a small access pavilion and vehicle protection completes the intervention.

The buried provision, vegetation cover, the use of renewable energy -biomass- and water-saving measures, greatly reduces energy consumption.

The shot passed through is resolved by the ladder, which acts as a chimney.

The house is oriented south, coinciding with the sights and disposition prevents the North and the cold winds of winter. All construction is reinforced concrete structure.”

floor plan
floor plan
floor plan

Photos by: César San Millán

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