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Hotel L’AND Vineyards by L’AND Resorts SA

By Sophie Johnson


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Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal is home to this contemporary wonderland for wine enthusiasts by L’AND Resorts SA.

The grounds are host to a variety of luxury amenities, most notably of which are the vineyards from which residents can personalize their visit by cultivating their very own vintage of the classic libation.

Hotel L’AND Vineyards by L’AND Resorts SA:

“More than a country club, we at L’AND offer an exclusive retreat marked by the stunning surrounding landscape where our guests can enjoy an exceptional level of service complementing a discrete and enriching experience.

Besides our hotel (sky suites), L’AND offers fully serviced residential accommodation plus a wine cellar and a wine club with leisure and sports facilities and a premium quality wellness centre.

The culture of wine and our prize-winning vineyard is a quintessential aspect of our identity. At each of our estates, it is the vineyards which shape the landscape and our wineries that allows guests to experience the art of wine-making and deepen their knowledge of viniculture through courses and tastings hosted by our resident vintner. Our WINE CLUB also allows owners to produce their very own blend of wine in the cellar of a state-of-the-art winery with the help of an expert wine-maker.

Environmental awareness is also a keystone of our vision and can be seen implemented throughout our properties from energy efficient design to low impact construction and our sustainable business management policy.

At L’AND we produce and sell our wine under a premium international position branded L’ANDWINE under the exclusive luxury label L’ANDMADE.”

Photos courtesy of L’AND Resorts SA

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