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House Y by Ohad Yehieli

House Y has been completed by Ohad Yehieli in Tel Aviv, Israel.

This contemporary home is considered as one of the narrowest houses in the city.

House Y by Ohad Yehieli:

“The plot site is 750 sqm in area and is sliced into four row units with a limited width of 370 cm wide on its inside. the floor area at ground level is limited by local regulations to 63 sqm.

the architecture itself is driven by the limitations of the plot in which it is situated, with the interior design following the notion of simplicity and minimalism. the materials are in their ‘rawest’. basalt tiles are used for flooring throughout the common areas, while exposed concrete sets the background for the stairs. oriented strand board (OSB) has been polished and lacquered for flooring through the bedrooms.handrails are made with metal framing colored white and 10mm hollow polycarbonate sheets.”

Photos by: Shai Epstein

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