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Lake Shore Drive House by Wheeler Kearns Architects

Chicago-based studio, Wheeler Kearns Architects, designed the Lake Shore Drive House.

Completed in 2011, this modern, split level, single family residence is located on a corner lot in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Lake Shore Drive House by Wheeler Kearns Architects:

“Located in Chicago, this single family residence on Lake Shore Drive opens directly onto the parkway with unobstructed views of Lake Michigan.

The house takes its form from its site; the base of the residence is rendered as a solid mass, forming a plinth that grounds the house on its prominent corner location. The plinth is carved into and becomes more open towards the lake side of the house. An interlocking volume that rises from the plinth reinforces the opening toward the lake; as the volume springs from the plinth, a double-high aperture is created that provides an expansive view from the living room towards Lake Michigan.

the split-level plan creates spaces of various scales and experiences that share in the east view towards the park and lake.”

Photos by: Steve Hall / Hedrich Blessing, Daniel Wicke

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