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House V by I + GC [arquitectura]

Located in Funes, Argentina, this 2011 project is a contemporary home by  I + GC [arquitectura], named for the ‘V’ shape of its plan.

The unique shape creates a sense of movement while providing privacy for residents without blocking natural light.

House V by I + GC [arquitectura]:

“The idea for this project was to build a house around a patio without having to resort to the cloister. Thus arises the “V”, a volume that folds on itself making a plant with this form that lets the garden in his arms. This becomes the heart of the project.

It is a fluid volume that is detached from the floor to the front turning down until fully backward lean. The work gives the feeling of movement, of a compact mass that was pulled up to the present form. This is emphasized with the longitudinal windows and unevenness in the top of the facades.

This fluid mass shows the pool as an extension of the house. This is directly related semicubierto space storage serving both cars to eat. So this expansion and the sink are in close relationship and function as a single space. This set is surrounded by a curved floor that accommodates both the home and the vegetation of the lot.

The project takes advantage of the ground settling his mandatory retirement be on a curve. Thus garden free relationship with living and pool.

Inside is entered by a central hall, the junction point between the two main branches, the service and the room. Here also houses the stairs to access the upper floor. This is illuminated through the crease of the slab in this area that allows the entry of daylight.

Once up, we found the suite to one side and two bedrooms to the other. To get to these, you must go through a hallway filled with colored lights play on the facade and backlit figures from the dressing room.

Dynamism and fluidity are the outstanding features of the strategy of this work and its relation to the ground.”

Photos by: Walter Salcedo

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