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Paraty House by Studio MK27

By Holly von Huene


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Brazilian architecture firm, Studio MK27, has designed the award winning Paraty House located in the town of Parady on the Costa Verde of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Photos courtesy of Studio MK27

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3 thoughts on “Paraty House by Studio MK27”

  1. Not exactly the award-winning house in my opinion, but certainly the award-winning location!
    How did they get planning permission in this paradise?

    • Discloses in Brazil especially in social networks that this house was built without respecting the Brazilian legislation that prohibits building on the beachfront and the owners, powerful and influential Brazilian family, keep armed guards to ward off local residents and curious. It must be remembered that in Brazil nobody can prohibit access to the beaches, or hold up a beach all to yourself.

  2. In spite of the above information I can not check whether true or not, however it is a very beautiful project that deserves mention. The area of the historic city of Paraty and nearby Angra dos Reis is full of similar cases.


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